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History of the United States: Colonial Times to 1865

History of the United States: 1865 to Present

Advanced Placement United States History​

Human Rights Advocacy: Law and Social Justice

Malcolm X and Human Rights

History and Film

Documentary Film Studies

Global Studies: Africa, Asia, Middle East

Michael T. Barry Jr. is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and educator focusing on historic topics and cross-cultural experiences. He founded MT Barry Productions in 2014.

Barry has worked on multiple documentary film and videography projects for acclaimed artists and institutions. His films have screened at renowned venues like AS220 and RISD as well as hundreds of film festivals and events across the nation where they have been named official selections and nominated/won numerous awards.

Barry earned his Bachelor's in History and Africana Studies from the College of the Holy Cross and holds Master's Degrees in American History and in World History from American University and Providence College. He can be contacted at


Best Short Film, "Even the Women Must Fight"

Prince George's Film Festival, 2023

Best Short Feature Film, "Even the Women Must Fight"

Nyack Film Festival, 2024

Best Short Documentary, "U Street Contested"

Rhode Island Black Film Festival, 2019

Best Feature Film, "The Universal Soldier: Vietnam"

Nyack Film Festival, 2016